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The effectiveness of your e-commerce sales channels is more important than ever. Ensuring brand competitiveness is paramount including the features and benefits you highlight, claims, package design, promotions, and the price you charge. Doesn’t it make sense to test and optimize these things before you go live?

Chooseology is an e-commerce shopping simulator that measures respondent behaviors and engagement with your brand. Armed with powerful insight, you can drive greater performance of your online sales channels.

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Improve online sales by optimizing the competitiveness of your brands
Measures clickstream and shopping cart behaviors, not just responses
Determine which online assets drive engagement & conversions
Evaluate your brand against a competitive set
Ideal for product testing and pricing studies

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What Respondents are Saying About Chooseology

How Respondents Rate the Chooseology Experience

Extremely Positive

"Easy to use the site, side-by-side comparison, easy to access additional information about the products."

Chooseology Respondent

"Easy to navigate, good description, clear photos."

Chooseology Respondent

"It's Amazon easy!"

Chooseology Respondent

"Seemed like I was actually shopping!"

Chooseology Respondent

"Compared to a survey, the simulator showed more pictures and gave me a much better description of the products."

Chooseology Respondent

The Science Behind Chooseology

CHOOSEOLOGY MEASURES BEHAVIORS AND ENGAGEMENT WITH YOUR BRAND in the form of concept engagement. E-commerce research has demonstrated interest in an idea can be gauged based on the actions people take to learn about it.

For example, in some product categories, research has shown the more the more time a person spends online, the more they are likely to purchase.

Chooseology models the familiar online shopping experience and measures user behaviors, giving you more reliable information to ensure your brand’s online presence engages the consumer and drives sales.

Chooseology measures 10 engagement parameters, including:
  • Number of times a concept was the first, second, or third pick to the shopping cart
  • Number of times a concept was “purchased”
  • Time taken to make a choice between options
  • Total time spent reviewing the concept
  • And more
There is a strong correlation between features selected on an automobile manufacturer’s website, and the features in the automobile actually purchased at the dealership.
Correlation Analysis Between Customer’s Behavior on Website and Actual Purchase, Honda Motor Company and University of Tsukuba, Japan
Purchasers engage in higher-effort actions on e-commerce sites.
Understanding Behaviors that Lead to Purchasing, Stanford
There is a 0.6 correlation between time spent on a website and conversion rate. There is a 0.25 correlation between pages per session and conversion rate.
2017 e-commerce Report / Wolfgang Digital

Who is Chooseology For?

Insights professionals

E-commerce channel/category managers

Product developers

Product managers

In short, Chooseology is the choice for decision-makers in charge of driving revenue through online sales channels.

  • A truly behavioral tool
  • Agile and cost-effective
  • You choose the level of service that best suits your needs

How Does Chooseology Work?

It’s Easy & Fast

  • Respondents visit a simulated e-commerce site. Screening questions can be included before respondents enter the simulator.
  • The simulator can be set up to mimic the major e-commerce platforms.
  • Respondents are asked to shop as they normally would.
  • Results are recorded in real time.
  • Following the simulator experience, custom survey questions can be included to learn more about respondent preferences.
  • Qualitative research can easily be incorporated before, during, or after the simulation.
  • Category users are recruited from any sample source. You can use your own list, source your own list, or work with our team to source one.
  • Setup is simple. You can set the site up yourself, or work with our team.
  • There is no limit to the number of concepts. You can program custom sort and filtering variables just as you would use on a real e-commerce site.

Other Benefits

  • Models the familiar online shopping experience — which is more like how people research and make choices today
  • The simulator measures engagement and behaviors, not just opinions
  • Provides both implicit and explicit data
  • Supports the ability to set up control and test cells
  • Global capabilities

How Much Does Chooseology Cost?

Our goal is to offer you an affordable and flexible option to meet your needs. Download the How it Can Work for You PDF to see the pricing matrix.

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